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Garage Doors: Keeping It In Top-notch Shape
Garage doors are often taken for granted. They provide security- protection from car thieves and vandals. They make life easier and convenient, but often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. A person would just wake up one day and find the garage door in serious need of repair. When it happens, always keep contact information of service providers like Garage Door Repair Escondido Company.

Most people are too busy to get to learn the inner workings of their garage doors and perform maintenance checks and repairs. We may be prevented if there are periodic checks, much like the body, to prolong life span of garage doors. Some minor repairs are also needed as a preventive maintenance part of garage door repair. Doing so costs less and prevents more serious problems in the future. Regular checks and replacements may even save life and limb. Nobody wants an garage door repair in times of need or when the door suddenly crushes on a passing person, or falls down on a brand-new car backing out of the garage.

Escondido Garage Door Repair Services Include

Pivot points

These are located on top of the entryway. These are crucial to enable the smooth and stable lifting and closing of garage doors.

Hinges and rollers

Hinges allow the door to open and close smoothly while kept in place. Regular checking is needed to ensure that the hinges are still intact.


These are one of the most important parts of a garage door. These are full of tension that can snap anytime. Replacing it may require services of Escondido garage door repair companies because they are difficult to install.


Fasteners keep the door attached securely to the frame and to its other parts.

Nuts and bolts

These may look like small and unimportant bits and pieces, but they keep the entire garage door in place and functioning smoothly. With the constant rolling and lifting, these nuts and bolts can become loose. If unchecked, these will eventually fall off, possibly the entire door too.

Door condition, operation and balance

The entire door needs to be regularly assessed. It may be tilted or off-balance due to several reasons. Some connections may have loosened. The door material may have been worn due to use or changing environmental temperatures. Unresolved issues like these can cause more damage and over time, cost more to replace an entire door than to repair a few minor details.

Opener features and functions

Openers are great because they make opening and closing garage doors easier and hassle-free. Regular checks are needed in order to avoid sudden malfunction that leave a garage door tightly shut or a garage wide open.

Lifting cables and bottom lifting fixtures

These are crucial pieces. These may suddenly snap and bring the entire garage door down. Regularly check for intactness and function.

Reversing features

This is crucial because the garage door may suddenly pull up or go down while backing up. Anyone can get hurt in this situation. Cars can also get damaged with a malfunctioning reversing feature.

Secondary safety features

Check for the functioning of secondary safety features that the garage door comes with. Sensors at the bottom detect if anything is within 6 inches that can get crushed. This safety feature is very important to avoid tragic accidents.

So when your garage door breaks down again or is having malfunctions, contact Garage Door Repair Escondido CA now at (760) 317-4466! We guarantee satisfaction and if you are not satisfied, just give us a call and we will do our best to fix the problem. We are after all, the best fixers around.